Talking With Wildlife

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Living With Coyotes

I live in an area that in spite of being in a large city, is also surrounded by a nature preserve. I feel blessed to have such beauty around me and love seeing the plentiful deer, coyotes, bobcat, bunnies, squirrels and occasional mountain lion.  The preserve is part of a natural corridor that stretches for many miles and connects to more remote parts of San Diego County, giving much needed resources to the wild animals who  live here.

animal communication

Nature Preserve

Recently, there has been a bit of an uproar amongst some of my neighbors about the coyotes becoming “more aggressive”.  (coming close to houses, not running from humans or dogs, etc.)  Some people want to have an agency come in who would relocate the coyotes.  (something I am vehemently against).  As I have reminded these folks, this area is home to not just humans, but the wildlife who were here long before the two-leggeds were!  It is up to us to learn how to adjust, not them!

I was reminded of an experience I had a few years ago when I needed to communicate with a wild rat.  Our next door neighbor had been feeding birds very close to the house and as a result, we both had rats living in the crawl spaces beneath our homes.  So, I called a “Catch and Release” pest control fellow, who set a few traps in the crawl space.  He assured me that when he captured a rat, he’d take them many miles away and release them.  Sure enough, within a day or so, there was a rat in the cage.  I crawled below, sat down next to her and decided to have a chat.  “Hi!! Who are you!!” she chirped cheerfully.  I explained that I lived in the house above and that this was NOT a good place for her to be.  Using a ‘tough love’ approach I told her “We have cats……and if you and your friends persist in living here, when you have an entire nature preserve to live in, then I will have to send my cats down here.”  I sent her images of what it might be like to be hunted and killed by a cat. (don’t even ask me if that was easy to do)  Then I told her that she would soon be released back to the preserve where she was to tell all her rat buddies to avoid coming into human homes.

animal communication


The next day when the very nice fellow showed up to take her away, I said “Oh no!  You have to release her right here, in the preserve.  I’ve talked with her and she needs to be the messenger for the other rats that live there!!”  You can imagine the look on his face as he kind of backed away from me agreeing to my request, probably thinking that I was a nut.

It worked.  After my rat chat, they were gone.

So recently, I’ve been doing a kind of ‘blast telepathic email’ to the coyotes who live around us, letting them know that they need to back off and be careful.  I’ve reminded them that humans can be notoriously unpredictable and even dangerous.  I’ve always had a good relationship with the coyotes who cruise the hill along the back side of our house where our cats Oscar and Felix and our dog Bella hang-out on the deck above.  The coyotes know I won’t hurt them or remove them from their home, but they also know that our fur kids are not to be messed with.

It is my hope that through my work and my love for animals that I can help raise the consciousness of humans, helping them understand that we are all cohabitants of this glorious planet.  When we work together with all life forms, we are blessed with a life which is guided by divine source.


Does Your Cat Like to Explore Cupboards?

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Oscar in the Cupboard

What is it about cats and cupboards?  Open a cupboard and a cat will surely explore it…..well at least if there’s room in the cupboard!  Our Orange Boys Oscar and Felix love to go cupboard exploring.

All of my kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim with pans, pots and tools of the cooking trade.  There are shelves which slide out, so when there’s an empty spot from a pot which is being used, and I forget to close the cupboard door, I can count on turning around and finding one of them sitting there, looking out inquisitively.  It is a delightful and welcome part of my time spent in the kitchen.   There are even times when I am somewhere else in the house and can hear one of the boys trying to open a cupboard so he can go exploring.  The audible thump, thump, thump of the door is a dead giveaway that somebody’s up to something in the kitchen.

The other day it was Felix who hopped in the cupboard, but before I could grab my camera, (telling him all the while how adorable he was and to please just stay there so I could get a photo) he was out.  Then a few minutes later, his brother decided to go in and this time I was able to capture it on camera.

animal communication

Felix Watching His Brother Get Into the Cupboard

What was most funny about this time, however was how Felix reacted when Oscar decided he was ready to exit.  Felix went right over to him and started to pick a fight.  “That’s my space! I don’t want you in there!”  Of course, I stepped in and broke things up before they became too crazy….I’m sure Felix was not only protecting “his space”, but mad because his brother was getting all the attention that had he stayed put in the first place, he would have gotten!

animal communication

“Break It Up Boys!”

Animals are a beloved source of  love, companionship and family…..they are also comics in their own right and fill our lives with laughter and joy.

Snake Medicine

animal communication

Miss Garden Snake

I believe that every animal, tree, stone, flower….every part of nature can be a messenger for us.  When we choose to follow nature’s ways and listen with our inner being we begin to see that all of life’s creations are divine expressions of wisdom and grace.  When I was visiting Remington a couple weeks ago, sitting tranquilly in my chair in the pasture and watching the horses grazing, I looked over and about 5 feet away was a very large, mature snake.  She was slowly making her way into the center of the pasture.

A bit startled, I first looked for rattles at the end of her tail since she had the same coloring as a rattler, but no, she was a beautiful garden snake.  Some people are pretty creeped-out with snakes; I am not one of those people.  (Especially when I know that the snake is nonpoisonous!)  I immediately got up with my dressage whip in my hand. (This is a tool I use to help train the horses from the ground….never do I use it as a whip, but as an extension of my arm to help create space or show direction).  I gently started nudging her with the soft end of the whip, asking her to leave the pasture.  I didn’t want her to get stomped on by one of the boys and I certainly didn’t want the boys to go exploring after her…..the last thing they need to learn is that it’s okay to go up and say hello to a snake.

animal communication

Curious William: “What’s Happening”

Of course, my antics got the attention of curious William who came right over to investigate.  The snake moved away from him, startling him, which then brought both Remington and Luke over to protect their youngest herd  member.  They stood beside him, one on each side until they too saw the snake and wanted to investigate.  All three boys were very curious.  “What IS that?!” There I am, pushing the boys back with my body language, telling them NOT to say hello to snakes in the pasture…..all the while encouraging the snake to move towards the fence where I knew there was a hole that I might be able to coax her in.  And she is telling me “I don’t want to go over there, I want to go the other direction; stop doing that!”

Finally after a few minutes of keeping the horses at bay, nudging the snake, communicating with everybody about the importance of keeping distance for safety’s sake, I was able to convince her to go into the hole at the edge of the fence.  (I’m sure I must have looked like a comic book character…the entire scene was quite a giggle).  Once I knew she was tucked away, I went looking for Jorge, who works at the farm and asked about rattlesnakes.  He reassured me that they rarely see them, so I went back to check on the boys and the snake.  She was poking her little head out of the hole saying “This is not my hole you know.  I don’t live here.  I want to come out”.  By now the boys had wandered off to the other end of the pasture, so I told her to make it quick…well as quick as a snake can make it….and go back to her home, out of the pasture.   She hesitated, so I left and hoped that she heeded my advice.

animal communication

“Can I Come Out Now?”

Snake medicine is powerful ju-ju.  Because they shed their skin each year, virtually becoming a new being, they represent an important transformation in one’s life.  And since this snake had been so obvious in the way she showed up for me, I took her medicine seriously.  Indeed, I am going through a very important shift in my life…..on all levels.  It was not surprising to have snake appear to me, confirming that transitions are healthy, important and life affirming.  I thanked her for her message and once again gave gratitude for how blessed I am to feel so closely connected to nature and all her beautiful creations.

Napping With Horses 101: For Husbands

animal communication

Horse Napping

Over the weekend , my husband and I went to visit Remington.  I’ve been having back strain the last few weeks and have had to cut back on my twice weekly visits.  Bill, my ever- supportive, non-horse-person husband volunteered to come along once a week, doing all the driving and enjoying his time at the farm while relaxing, reading and taking in the quiet and peace of this beautiful place.

Although Bill loves Remington, his idea of visiting horses is a nice chair, a good book and watching the horses from a distance away……a long distance away.  It’s never really been a bone of contention between us.  I’m the one who’s been bitten by the horse bug and he’s the patient, supportive spouse.

animal communication
Bill, Watching the Horses

That being said, I have slowly been coaxing him to think about bringing his chair into the pasture with me and the boys so he can experience the other-worldly magic of horse napping up close and personal.  I assured him I’d make sure he didn’t get stepped on, bit or frightened…..these are very gentle boys who have learned to respect space and the worst that might happen is that William the Dennis-the-Menace 2 year old might be a pest before he settles down for the nap.

So Bill finally decided to join us on Saturday.  He brought his chair in while the boys were at the other end of the pasture grazing.  We sat and talked a bit and then I asked him to just sit with me, quietly and take in the richness of the present moment.  I didn’t tell him that while we’d been talking, I’d been telepathically asking Remy to come over to us.  It wasn’t until we were quiet and immersed in the stillness that Remy walked across the pasture to us.  He greeted Bill first, then came over to me for some kisses and the chance for a carrot.  Within a few minutes, William and Luke wandered over too and took a few minutes to visit with Bill before they all established their positions.  William predictably pestered Bill until Remy moved him away and then the three of them settled in next to each other, surrounding us, and started dozing off.  I suggested to Bill that he tune into the energy of this other dimension that is palpable when surrounded by three napping horses.   We all sat/stood quietly, taking in the delicious feeling of peace and oneness.

animal communication
Remy and William: What’s for Lunch?

It wasn’t until later that evening when I asked Bill if he was tired from all the fresh air and the long driving (we’d been caught in a  traffic jam and the usual one-way 60 minute drive to the farm took us much longer).

His response was “No!  I had ‘napping with horses’ today so I’m good.

It Takes A Village To Help This Horse

animal communication

Ben and Niki

At the ranch where Remington used to live is a horse named Ben.  Known for his gentle sweetness, he is a wonderful, sound, 14yr old gelding that in his prime was one of the top ten Appaloosa jumpers in the United States. At the ranch, he has been giving lessons, going on trail rides with his owner and also helping humans get in touch with themselves through his work with EFL (Equine Facilitated Learning). He is affectionate, funny and a devoted mount who takes care of his rider. I grew very fond of Ben…..I found in him a deeply humble, wise and gifted soul who loves helping people.  Often when I talked with him, he told me how important it was to him to help humans.  He felt it was his calling.

At that time, Ben was struggling with eye infections and after I moved Remy to the farm where he now lives, I learned that Ben had been diagnosed with Uveitis, an eye disease that can cause blindness.  When some of the wonderful women who board and/or ride horses at that ranch learned that Ben needed medications 3 times per day, there was no hesitation. They formed “Team Ben” and took on the ritual of helping his owner (who is self-employed and struggled with getting out to the ranch 3X a day) with the daunting task of making sure he got his am, mid-day and pm meds.

animal communication

Beautiful Ben

After several follow-up exams, the ophthalmologist now believes Ben is a good candidate for implants in his eyes.  (This will not only keep him from loosing his site, but will reduce recurring inflammation.)  But here’s the challenge:  It’s an expensive surgery; his owner is already facing mounting vet bills and will have difficulty covering the cost of the surgery.

Enter GoFundMe.  I love the concept of GoFundMe and have donated to causes or projects that have touched my heart…..even when I didn’t know the people and or animals involved.  I know that even small donations can build up to big funds.

Ben now has the chance to extend his village of “Team Ben” to even more people who feel the need and real importance of helping him do what he feels called to do.  Here’s the link to his fund.

Are Horses The True Mystics of Our Time?

animal communicatin


Research reveals that more than half of the genes on the chromosomes of horses appear in the same order as those on human chromosomes.  What does that really mean?  It means that since horses have been vital to the development of our species for thousands of years,  we have evolved together…..our very genes becoming inexplicably intertwined.

People who love horses talk about an indescribable draw, a tie, a bond to horses that defies logic, but comes from the gut, the heart……that place where the soul resides.  And those who are fortunate enough to have a close relationship with a horse are blessed with a sense of knowing, a deep feeling of belonging, an awareness of coming home.

animal communication

My Sweet Remington

In my experience as an Animal Intuitive,  horses are true mystics.  They possess a wisdom about life, love, harmony and peace that speaks to an ancient place in us, begging us to open to a state of consciousness which we have known all along, but which needs a gentle, loving urging to emerge.

animal communication

Romeo, My Teacher

The more time I spend with horses, sincerely connecting with them, opening myself up to them and being genuinely willing to become their student, the more I experience a realization that is profoundly spiritual, loving and soothing.

My hope this life is that more and more people will allow themselves to see horses in this mystical light of awareness.  That they will truly begin to embrace horses as the mystics of our time, here to help us wake up and remember who we truly are.

How Do You Know If Your Telepathic Communication With An Animal Is Working?

Animal communication

Remington and I

Many people ask me how telepathic communication with animals is possible and if they try it, how will they know it’s working.  Using ‘word pictures’ along with the intent of clearly conveying your emotions, your desires and your loving connection with your animal companions are the foundation of establishing a telepathic relationship with them.  Trusting inter-species communication is paramount.  Remember, humans have a natural, intuitive connection with all life forms; we’ve just forgotten how to use it!

Try practicing telepathic communication as much as you use speech with your four-legged friends.  You’re doing it anyway, even if you don’t realize it.  Every time you use words to convey a message, there are always mental pictures and feelings that accompany those words.  Here’s a good example of a recent telepathic communication  I had with my horse Remington.

As I’ve written about before, when I visit him at the farm where he lives in a pasture with 2 other horses, I spend time with them while I sit in a chair under one of the oak trees, eating my lunch.  Last visit when I turned Remy back out into the pasture after our time together, he went to the far end to check out the remaining hay from breakfast while William and Luke hung around with me.  They started jousting with each other, not fully aware of how close they were to me.  (Remy on the other hand, is very aware of space/boundaries with me since we are so bonded and have worked so much on mutual respect in our relationship).  I soon realized that Luke and William could potentially knock me and my chair over, so rather than getting after them I decided to ask for help from Remy.  He had looked up a few minutes before and knew the boys were with me, so I sent a strong telepathic message to Remy “I could use some help here”.

I accompanied it with my emotions (feeling somewhat vulnerable in that moment), images of him coming right over to us (word pictures) and the intent of  using our loving connection to create harmony for all four of us.  Remy looked up, took about 2 more bites of his hay and then cantered over to us, his energy focused and attuned.  He then  quietly and gracefully got between Luke, William and me in the chair.  He stood right next to me and conveyed to the other two boys that it was time for a nap, no more ‘horsing around’.  He then spent the next few minutes keeping himself between me and the other two boys while everyone settled down for a nice afternoon stand-up snooze.

This is a good example of what can be achieved when you trust in this beautiful way of connecting with animals.  Just as I was touched and so honored by Remy’s immediate response (it is obvious that he and I are reaching vivid and wondrous depths in our relationship), you too can develop this kind of bond with your beloved animal companions.  All it takes is your heart and your willingness to try.

A Recent Conversation With a Horse In Spirit Brings Me To Tears

animal communication

The Boys In Their Pasture

At the stables where Remington used to live,  there was a woman who owned a wonderful trail horse, who for 10 years was her faithful mount on all the many trails that surrounded the property.  Their relationship was one I’ve seen many times:  the horse was the servant, she was the master.  She was never cruel to him, but she  maintained a kind of distance from him.  She never saw in him the willing, giving and beautiful spirit that he was.  I always sensed that he was okay with this, always patient, kind and wise.

I learned a couple days ago that after this horse started having lameness problems, she decided he was not fit for trail riding any more and wanted to put him down.  The owner of the stables told her she was forbidden to do this on the property, as it was quite clear this horse was not broken.  Several people offered to take him and give him a wonderful home, but she refused.  Instead, she rode him bareback off the property to a site about a mile away where she had him euthanized.  When I learned of this, I was heartbroken and deeply troubled.  I decided to see if I could connect with the horse in spirit, wanting to apologize to him for such heartless behavior and to see how he was doing.

So yesterday while visiting Remy, I sat in the pasture with him and his buddies and asked the spirit of the horses to help me connect with him.  He came through immediately and told me “I am liberated and at peace, however I do feel sad for her (his owner). She never wanted to connect and I felt compassion for her; she didn’t understand what she was missing. I especially feel compassion for her because she now holds a rock in her heart/gut because of how she chose to end the relationship with me, even though I understood her decisions and actions. It is weighing her down, although she is not completely conscious of it. I have experienced the ecstasy and deep fulfillment of connection with a human before and will experience it again. Perhaps our time together will have its healing effects on her someday, some life-time. I am at peace with my part in that relationship and served her well.”

I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I felt his genuine wisdom and compassion. Interestingly enough, right after that, Remy came over to me (the other two boys were at the far end of the pasture) and stood over me, wanting to connect, be stroked, and touched all over his face and head…soothing me, sending his energy into me and reminding me how precious and profound the equine consciousness is and telling me how happy he is living there and how grateful he is.

Even now as I write about this, I am tearful.  Horses, in fact all animals do not hold grudges; they don’t look for ways to blame or condone.  Instead, they move on, they live for the moment and they look to the light; they follow the energy of love and prefer to live in that beautiful, peaceful place of harmony and balance.  They are our messengers of peace and our teachers for how to live a conscious life.

Love is a Whole-Being Experience

animal communication


It’s true what the masters and the mystics say about Love:  it is the most powerful energy in the universe.

I have been blessed to experience love with so many people and animals in my life, but recently I have been enchanted and deeply, deeply touched by the power of love as it continues to deepen between my horse Remington and me.  We are reaching levels of oneness and communication that leave me feeling so very grateful to be alive…..and with a sense of awakening to something within me that has been there for eons; a feeling that Remy and I are tapping into an ancient force field which is and always has been the foundation of life.

Yesterday when I visited Remy at the Farm, it was a windy, cool day and I could feel his genuine excitement and connection to the weather……making him more alert, a bit flighty and filled with vibrant energy.  As we walked around the Farm I shared with him that I completely understood that feeling.  As a kid I couldn’t wait for windy days when I could go outside and just BE in the wind.  I’d savor that indescribable feeling that nature was alive and awake and beckoning me to come play and dance in the invigorating feeling of being surrounded by so much energy!  Yes, windy days can mean spooky days for horses, but in this case, my sharing this childhood memory with him united us into a delicious togetherness of trust and safety.  The love that flowed between us was tactile, visceral, all encompassing.  It was clear that he felt it as much as I did.  His side-ways glances at me, his gentle nudges and sweet nickering told me that he too was soaking up this power of Love.

How blessed we are to have these moments of awakening, when our hearts and our souls unit and we remember who we really are.

How blessed I am to have a relationship with this beautiful spirit named Remington, who brings out the most beautiful parts of me.




Do You Want To Learn The Ancient Secrets Which Horses Can Teach You?

animal communication
(My Sweet Remington)

My journey with my young horse Remington has expanded beyond anything I could have imagined as he continues to show me the Ancient Way of the Horse.

When I visited him yesterday, I was down in the dumps.  Feeling sorry for myself and tired of dealing with back pain accompanied with  fears of never being strong or pain-free,  I apologized to him upon greeting him and humbly asked him if he might be able to help me.  As we went about our routine of walking around the Farm, visiting other horses, grooming and enjoying each others company, my spirits lifted and I forgot about my request to him.

Remy and I
(Enjoying A Walk-About the Farm)

After turning him back out into the pasture with his buddies and sitting down to enjoy my “lunch with the boys” (as I’ve come to think of it) I was soon surrounded by all three (Luke, William and Remy).  Remy made it clear to the other two that he wanted them to stand  a short distance away from me, then he came right over to my chair and stood over me.  Looking up at him, I immediately felt the presence of Romeo, my beloved horse who died three years ago.  I asked Remy if he and Romeo communicate often and he said “Of course, but right now just be quiet and sit there.  We’ve got work to do.”  I could feel both Remy and Romeo’s energy as Remy conveyed the following message to me “With my bare feet on the ground I am connecting with the earth’s energy and sending it to you.  Sit with both feet on the dirt and allow these energies to run through you, releasing your pain and your fear into the earth through your feet.”  We sat like this for about 10 minutes, me stroking Remy’s handsome face and him standing quiet, very still and focused.  I could feel an abundance of love and devotion rippling through us, a blended union of sweet trust and dedication flowing between Romeo, Remy and myself.

animal communication
(Romeo and I)

I then felt compelled to stand up and place my forehead (Third Eye Center) onto Remy’s forehead (His Third Eye Center) where we stood in silent serenity for what seemed like eternity.  I rested my hands on his face while Luke and William (who is normally busy, trying to get in on the action) stood respectfully quiet.  A veil of sacred, ancient healing energy surrounded us all. Remy who is an affectionate horse, but sets the limit at a few kisses and a couple minutes of cuddling, stood perfectly absorbed in this timeless sacredness.  I could feel him and Romeo channeling their primal equine wisdom into me.

Animal communication
(Remington and I)

Today, my back is at least 75% improved, my pain almost gone.  And my spirits are completely lifted.  As I was fixing breakfast, reflecting on how much better I felt, it occurred to me:  Horses have been doing this kind of healing for eons.  Not only with each other, but with their humans.  In the history of horse/human relations, there have been many cultures who have honored their equine companions, listened to their intelligence and respected the horse as an other-worldly keeper of secrets.  I believe horses are here, sharing this planet with us……as our teachers.

When we allow them to, they take us to forgotten realms where healing is a matter of fact, honoring unconditional love is a natural way to behave and showing respect for all God’s creatures is how to create everlasting peace.

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