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Those amazing animals

Puppy Love

There is a kind and gentle woman named Mary who boards her horse at the stables where Remington lives who recently got a new puppy….. a 10-month old Mini-Australian Shepherd.   The breeder met Mary at the stables to deliver the pup and within minutes of signing the papers for her new girl who she named […]

Learning How To Accept What Is…..Even When It’s Not What You Wanted

“Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think that you’ve lost time.”   Asha Tyson When I found my horse Remington, I had dreams of riding him and being with him until I was in my late 80’s.  After loosing my beloved Romeo […]

The Circle of Life

  About 10 years ago a woman named Dee Dee, whose horse Scooter is in training with Gail (at the stables where Remington lives) was asked by Gail if she’d like to start taking care of “Moocher” the resident barn cat.  Dee Dee’s own cat had recently passed away, so this heartfelt match-making was perfect.  […]

A Different Kind of Miracle

I was recently asked to talk with a gelding jumper named Leo who had moved to the stables only a few weeks ago.  He had apparently jumped out of his 12 X 12 barn stall…a feat considered impossible.  Most jumping horses prefer a running start, not a standstill launch!  Not only did Leo have to […]

Animals Teach Us To Be Honest

Last week while I was at the stables where my horse Remington lives, I noticed a horse having difficulty being loaded onto a trailer.  I went over to offer my help and when I asked him what he was concerned about, he said “Is she going to drive really fast!?”  The woman driving the truck/trailer […]

Closet Kitty

  Animals love routine.  They like their meals at regular times, they like the comfort of a family’s daily habits and they like their favorite nap spots.  Our Orange Boy Felix recently started taking his mid-morning naps in the linen closet upstairs.  He figured out how to open the cupboard doors, get up to the […]


“The universe is made up of stories, not atoms.”  (Muriel Rukeyser) I came across this quote the other day and thought…”Yes, and each atom is a universe of stories unto itself”. Stories about animals who have profoundly changed the lives of humans warm our hearts…they inspire our souls.  They are tales about people whose own […]


When our dog Bella first came to live with us, she displayed fear-aggression with all other dogs in the neighborhood except one: our neighbors’ Pit Bull “Blueberry”  Blue’s nonplussed attitude and her quiet confidence were an instant hit with Bella and they have been best girlfriends ever since. Their favorite activity is of course playtime. […]

True Stories

  One of my favorite aspects of my work is sharing the true stories about animals I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know through Animal Communication sessions.  I recently wrote an article for about three unusual and moving encounters with horses.   Do you have a story you’d like to share?


  There is a wonderful animal sanctuary Lions, Tigers and Bears located in Alpine, California (east San Diego)  They provide forever homes for Bengal tigers, lions, bobcats, mountain lions, leopards and a family of other special animals. I volunteered for them a few years ago and have donated paintings to them. When I met Raja, […]

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