A Higher Perspective


animal communication
The Boys On HIgh

Our Orange Boys Oscar and Felix have a special kitties-only spot in the kitchen……a shelf above the sliding glass door that leads to the courtyard.  They have access to it from their cat tree.  We made beds for them so when they’re in the mood they can spend time up there….napping and hanging out.   Most cats have an affinity for heights and enjoy having these above-it-all spots where they feel safe and secure. 

animal communication
The Boys on their Perch

The other morningwhile watching the Boys lounge, stretch and thoroughly enjoy their perch on-high, it struck me how having a ‘higher perspective’ is a healthy way to look at things.  Being able to remove ourselves from the daily details of life…enough to give ourselves the chance to see things from a loftier point of view….. allows us to feel the divine presence of safety and the security of inner peace.

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