A New Friend For Remington

animal communication

Last week, a new horse moved into the barn where Remington lives.  They have become fast friends.  Uno is a mature, level-headed Quarter Horse gelding who now lives next to Remy.  I could tell right away that Remington likes him and looks up to him for support and guidance. 

Today I watched them while they were turned out next to each other. They followed each other along the fence line, visiting, napping, checking out the smells and sights.  It warmed my heart to witness their friendship.

animal communication
Remington and Uno

Horses are herd animals…friendship with another horse means life itself.  Without the herd, a lone horse is vulnerable to not only the elements, but to predators.  Horses teach us the importance of community, the beauty of friendship and the deep comfort of bonding.  They teach us to open our hearts and to be willing to accept others readily, without judgement or misgivings. 

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