A Recent Conversation With a Horse In Spirit Brings Me To Tears

animal communication
The Boys In Their Pasture

At the stables where Remington used to live,  there was a woman who owned a wonderful trail horse, who for 10 years was her faithful mount on all the many trails that surrounded the property.  Their relationship was one I’ve seen many times:  the horse was the servant, she was the master.  She was never cruel to him, but she  maintained a kind of distance from him.  She never saw in him the willing, giving and beautiful spirit that he was.  I always sensed that he was okay with this, always patient, kind and wise.

I learned a couple days ago that after this horse started having lameness problems, she decided he was not fit for trail riding any more and wanted to put him down.  The owner of the stables told her she was forbidden to do this on the property, as it was quite clear this horse was not broken.  Several people offered to take him and give him a wonderful home, but she refused.  Instead, she rode him bareback off the property to a site about a mile away where she had him euthanized.  When I learned of this, I was heartbroken and deeply troubled.  I decided to see if I could connect with the horse in spirit, wanting to apologize to him for such heartless behavior and to see how he was doing.

So yesterday while visiting Remy, I sat in the pasture with him and his buddies and asked the spirit of the horses to help me connect with him.  He came through immediately and told me “I am liberated and at peace, however I do feel sad for her (his owner). She never wanted to connect and I felt compassion for her; she didn’t understand what she was missing. I especially feel compassion for her because she now holds a rock in her heart/gut because of how she chose to end the relationship with me, even though I understood her decisions and actions. It is weighing her down, although she is not completely conscious of it. I have experienced the ecstasy and deep fulfillment of connection with a human before and will experience it again. Perhaps our time together will have its healing effects on her someday, some life-time. I am at peace with my part in that relationship and served her well.”

I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I felt his genuine wisdom and compassion. Interestingly enough, right after that, Remy came over to me (the other two boys were at the far end of the pasture) and stood over me, wanting to connect, be stroked, and touched all over his face and head…soothing me, sending his energy into me and reminding me how precious and profound the equine consciousness is and telling me how happy he is living there and how grateful he is.

Even now as I write about this, I am tearful.  Horses, in fact all animals do not hold grudges; they don’t look for ways to blame or condone.  Instead, they move on, they live for the moment and they look to the light; they follow the energy of love and prefer to live in that beautiful, peaceful place of harmony and balance.  They are our messengers of peace and our teachers for how to live a conscious life.

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