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Bill and Bella at Osuna Ranch

Today we took Bella to visit Romeo for her first experience at a horse ranch.  We’ve been working with Bella the last few months…when we adopted her, she displayed fear aggression towards other dogs and was unsure in new situations.  We figured she was ready to meet the equine member of our family and felt that all the sights and smells would bring her much joy.

Indeed we were right and Bella had the time of her life.

Bella at Osuna Ranch


The highlight of the adventure was not only watching Bella in the pasture with Romeo, nose to the ground and taking in all the scents, digging up gopher holes, playing with Romeo like she does with her canine buddy Blueberry, but seeing her sacked out in her bed afterwards, probably dreaming of horses, gophers and dirt.

Bella Dreams

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  1. Kelly T
    | Reply

    What a sweet story, and I love the “dreamtime” snap at the end. Props to you for your loving, let’s-give-this-a-try attitude. We have a cuddle-bug mixed-breed who was afraid of *everything* when she came from the shelter two months ago: now she is content, relaxed, and the life of the party. Good luck and God bless to Bella!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Kelly and thanks for your positive feedback! Bless you also for taking-in your own shelter dog and giving her a chance to blossom!

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