animal communication
The Kiss of Affection

I’m sometimes asked how animals feel about affection….do they enjoy receiving it and how do we know when they are giving it? It depends upon the animal.  For example, my horse Romeo used to rest his head on my shoulder when I was grooming him…an outward sign of pure love and bonding.  There were also times when he would just want to stand near me with no contact….these were deep moments of connection for him, the distance between us  providing the equine reassurance of love and safety.

Another example is our Orange Boy Felix.  He is all about the obvious.  When he wants affection, he hops into my lap and wriggles, purr-talks and unabashedly requires that I touch him all over while he chirps and drools, looking me directly in the eyes and rubbing me everywhere he can reach.

Affection is a universal expression, whether it is the subtle, silent version or the come-hither version.   Either way, it is the purest form of love and should be encouraged often.

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