Allow For The Gaps In Communication

animal communication
Are You Listening?

Communication is a dance…requiring two partners who accept that sometimes it’s easy to talk with each other and sometimes it’s not.  I have been reminded of this since meeting Remington.  We are in that fragile, fertile and unpredictable stage of building our relationship.  Some days we are in complete harmony, some days we miss the mark. 

Although animal communication is on many levels a simple, straight-forward exercise, it is also a complex and multifaceted experience.  Just like us, animals have their off days.  By learning to be patient, understanding and accepting of those times when we just don’t understand our animal friends, we are creating a foundation of faith and strength.  That foundation helps to build trust, unconditional love and commitment.

When we learn to accept the gaps in communication, the hick-ups in harmony and the upside- down side of relationships, we are really allowing divine energy to weave it’s way through the tapestry of our lives.  We learn to embrace life as it presents itself.  We learn to become strong within our spirit and supple within our hearts.

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