Alpaca Wisdom: A Visit With Some Very Special Beings

animal communication

I recently visited two alpacas who live at a near-by Animal Sanctuary.  They have only lived there less than a year, but in that time the staff has become concerned that they both are unhappy.  I volunteered my time to do an Animal Communication  Session with them to see what they had to say. 

Both shy at first, they began to open up as I spent time with them.  Before coming to the Sanctuary, they lived at a busy alpaca ranch and although they missed being around more alpacas, they were interested and willing to stay at the Sanctuary where they participate in children’s summer camps and petting-visits with visitors. But it has been a big adjustment for them.

animal communication
Both boys


I talked with them about their requests for some changes with their food and their daily routines, what roles they each want to play in their responsibilities, their relationship with the sheep who live next to them and their overall life at the Sanctuary.  But what I found most important and touching about my communication with them was their deep desire for praise from the staff and their legitimate need to feel meaningful and important at the Sanctuary.  They did not experience that kind of connection with humans where they lived before and so their desire for a relationship that  is based more on partnership was extremely important to them.

Animals are very similar to us in their need to feel loved and genuinely cared for.  The powerful energy of love can be felt just as deeply to animals as it does to us.  I came away from my session with these highly intuitive and intelligent boys with the gift of Alpaca Wisdom.  Their message of being treated with kindness, consideration, fairness, honesty and genuine appreciation is also a message about the universal force of love. 

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