Alters, Talismans and Symbols


animal communication
Romeo Alter

One of the most powerful ways we can honor the beautiful animals in our lives…whether they are alive or in spirit is to design an alter or display area that contains talismans, trinkets and other things that represent the love we share with them.

After Romeo passed, I brought home all the items I had stored in and around my tack shed.  I placed some of them in my courtyard, directly in front of the sliding glass door through which I look every time I’m  standing at the kitchen sink.  Gentle reminders of my beloved boy, the opportunity to gaze upon this simple placement gives me not only great comfort but a way to connect with Romeo.  When I see those items so rich with the substance of memory, it is like sending a telepathic phone call to his spirit…inviting him to connect with me.

Today I added cheerful flowers…a reminder of how much joy he brings to my life even now.

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