An Unexpected Experience of Becoming A Horse

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animal communication
The Boys

Yesterday when I visited Remington, I had one of the most profound experiences with him and his herd mates.  As per our usual visits, I took Remy out of the pasture for our walk around the farm, we groomed and also had a special visit with friends who had come to see him.  When I took him back to his pasture, I decided to have my lunch sitting inside the pasture.

I’ve been doing this the last few visits, instead of sitting outside the fence.  The boys can get rowdy and playful at times and I wasn’t sure that sitting in my chair, having lunch with them would be a safe idea.  The first few times I tried this, sitting under the welcome shade of one of the many huge oak trees in their pasture, they were of course very curious and immediately surrounded me with pushy noses and expectant gestures, sure I was going to share my lunch with them.  I made it clear to them that I needed a certain amount of safe space around me….they were welcome to stay, but needed to be careful and mindful.  So far, they’ve figured out that I just want to sit there and enjoy my lunch, watching them and being in their presence, so they’ve usually wandered off to graze. 

animal communication
Grazing Peacefully


But yesterday, they wanted to stay around me.  They circled me, all at a respectable distance so as not to intrude…..but just wanted to be with me.  Then Remy began to paw at the ground near me, a sure gesture that he was thinking of rolling in the dirt.  (Their usual role spot is at the other end of the pasture, so I found it interesting that he  wanted to role there.)  I noticed Luke (who is the boss of Remy and the youngster William) watching Remy.  Remy stopped his pawing and then Luke began to paw the dirt, laid down for a good role, then got up and wandered off a short distance.  Then Remy (who is next in command as far as their herd dynamics) got in a good role and while he was flopping from side to side, William laid down right next to him and rolled.  They both got up and after shaking themselves off, stood near by. 

animal communication
A Good Role

I was overcome with the deepest, truest feeling that I was now an accepted part of their herd, something that I’ve intellectually understood but have never really experienced with such a profound knowing.  My entire consciousness shifted in that moment.  Sitting there, surrounded by these beautiful, gentle beings…..I felt one with them, merged with them.  I could feel their equine energy, not just as a human being, watching them and enjoying their company but as though I was one of them.  It’s an experience that is nearly impossible to describe, but one I will never, ever forget.  I feel changed, expanded, shifted……humbled, honored.  And so excited about seeing my equine brethren again!   

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