Animal Communication: Is It A Gift?


animal Communication
The Gift of Communication

I delivered two copies of my new book “Animal Talk” today to a local woman who was traveling tomorrow to Sacramento to visit her nieces and didn’t have time to wait for the delivery of the books.  Her 4-year old nieces will each be receiving a book.

We talked about communicating with animals and how children have a natural affinity for accepting what many adults think might be impossible.  I encouraged her to ask her nieces many questions about the animals they will encounter in my book and to validate the stories, feelings and perspectives they will experience with those animals.

Animal communication is the most natural thing in the world.  Most of us are doing it all the time…..we just may not realize it.  Is it a gift?  No.  Is the special connection we develop with our animal friends as a result of communicating with them a gift.  YES.

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