Animal Emotions


animal communication
Can You Read My Feelings?

Animals have taught me many things about emotions… own as well as theirs.  I’ve learned that although they feel the same emotions we do, they experience them differently.  Where as we may dwell on emotions, try to analyze them, letting them consume us, allowing them to shape our view of the world…animals simply dive into them when they arise, feel them, act on them when needed and then move on.

Animals teach us how to live fully.  As highly emotional beings who experience loss, love, grief, joy, wonder, anger, sadness, loyalty, curiosity, and many more emotions than we could imagine possible, they teach us  how to become our emotions without loosing our true essence.  They teach us that being alive is a journey of feeling….and a  journey of detachment.  They show us the way by openly sharing their emotions without ever loosing their center.

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