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animal communication
The Infinite Wisdom of Nature

After the devastating tsunami of 2004, I was interviewed by a local television station who wanted to know my take (as an Animal Intuitive) on the animals who headed for higher ground before the giant wave hit.  How did they know to leave?  Was it Extra Sensory Perception? An ability to hear silent sounds and frequency patterns from Mother Earth (possible warning signs)?  Or something even more mysterious and profound?

Animals are grounded in a kind of Extra Sensory Perception which allows them to communicate with nature (and beyond), gifting them with an innate ability to go with the  flow.  To them this is not mysterious, it is just the way things are.

As human beings, we too have this ability, it is our most natural state of being….not something extraordinary or unusual. By listening to our animal friends, spending more time with nature and trusting our infinite connection to the divine, we awaken that knowing within us which understands when to take action, when to remain still…..when to have a voice, when to be silent.  And most importantly, how to remember that this everlasting presence of divine wisdom lives always within our own hearts.

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