Animal Ownership


animal communication
Do I Own You?

When animals become members of our family, do we own them? Or are we, as many people would prefer…simply their stewards?

During my search for a horse, I am encountering ‘owners’ and ‘trainers’ who represent the horse…..sometimes with the best of intentions and many times not.  What I find most enlightening is that the horses themselves don’t feel owned.  They  appreciate the people who care for them, ride them, train them and call themselves owners.  They have special emotional attachments to those who give of their heart and soul…and they treat humans exactly how they themselves are treated.

But ultimately, they own themselves.  And it is the lucky human who realizes that when a horse gives of his/her heart, it is their way of teaching us that ownership means letting go of the need to control another and instead, entering a world where we are all one in the genuine light of spirit.

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