Animal Stewardship

animal communication

I often think about our relationship with domesticated animals and what is at the core of our responsibilities for these precious members of our family.  By domesticating animals, have we limited their experiences?  (Asking them to live in houses and/or behind fences and being confined to our world)  Or have we liberated them?  (Asking them to raise their consciousness in order to understand us and giving them a chance to teach us unconditional love and joy.)

In my years as an animal communicator, the irony I have discovered is that the animals don’t think so much about all this.  They just live their lives.  They don’t judge whether being wild is better than being domesticated.  They don’t ask us to do anything other than give them shelter, love, food and a sense of purpose. 

They are teachers of acceptance…the essence of living a full life, no matter what or where that life is.



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