Animals As Messengers


animal communication
Are You Paying Attention?

Animals are profound messengers.  If we allow them to, they remind us of our intimate connection with nature and the circle of life.  They help us feel connected to a greater universe.

I was reminded of this today when I took Bella for a quick walk after her bath.  Preoccupied with my own thoughts, I didn’t notice the small bird who landed on the sidewalk ahead of us.  But Bella noticed.  Her posture suddenly changed as she focused on this small creature.  I watched as she intently checked him out.  Their interaction was brief.  The bird flew off into a nearby bush and Bella went on about our walk.

But I was struck with the significance of this simple interaction.  Their brief encounter brought me back to the moment, able to enjoy the beautiful afternoon, the pleasure of my canine companion’s company and the reminder that life is happening here and now. 

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