Animals As Spiritual Advisors and Mystics

animal communication
Turkey Vulture Riding The Winds

I believe that animals are messengers.  I’ve written about this before, since I experience daily the powerful wisdom of animals and their timely appearances in my life.  When we pay close attention to not only our domesticated animal friends, but to the wildlife around us (even if you live in a city and your contact with wildlife is minimal), we can begin to see that they show up at just the right moment…..usually with a message or a meaning for us.  One of the best books I recommend to learn more about this subject is Steven D. Farmer’s “Animal Spirit Guides”.

Here’s an example of an animal showing up in my life as a messenger: The last time I visited my horse Remington, a vulture flew overhead, almost pausing as he passed back and forth over me.  It was clear he was a messenger.

animal communication
Turkey Vulture

Now vultures don’t have the best ‘feel good’ reputation with some people, although they are vital to the natural Eco-system and help keep things in balance.  As natural consumers of carcasses, they help clean up the ‘smelly things’ in life.  So how did this relate to me?  I am currently going through a chapter in my life as I approach the age of 65 in which I am taking stock; letting go of the things, people, stuff, etc. that don’t ‘smell right’.  (or in this case don’t feel right to my inner guidance.)  Vulture’s graceful and agile way of riding the winds that day was a wonderful gesture to me that I am on the right path.  He helped confirm for me that letting go of ‘dead’ energy in my life is a powerful and important action for me to be taking.

The next time you encounter an animal, check in with yourself.  Is there a message for you?  Is the presence of this animal just a coincidence or is there a much deeper meaning just waiting for you to discover it?



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