Animals Teach Us To Be Honest

animal communication

Last week while I was at the stables where my horse Remington lives, I noticed a horse having difficulty being loaded onto a trailer.  I went over to offer my help and when I asked him what he was concerned about, he said “Is she going to drive really fast!?”  The woman driving the truck/trailer gave me a funny look and I quickly explained that I was an Animal Communicator.  She didn’t say anything. This horse was also worried about being in such a small space; the 2-horse trailer frightened him.  Even after much coaxing, explaining and  pleading by the women who were trying to convince him that it was okay to get inside, it was very clear that he wasn’t having it.  I said to the trainer “He’s not getting in.  He says you can try all day and he’s still not going to get in “that thing”.

Since I had to leave, I didn’t find out until the next day what the outcome was.  Sure enough, that smart, sweet and determined gelding hadn’t loaded.  They ended up bringing in a larger trailer with a different driver. Without hesitation, he walked right in.  I learned from his owner that not only had he never ridden in a 2-horse trailer before, but he had watched the woman driving it racing down the driveway that morning, the empty trailer clanging and banging along as she paid no attention to her excessive speed.  Thank goodness he was smart enough to realize that riding in ‘that thing’ could have been dangerous! 

Animals have a sometimes funny, but always poignant way of making us honest.  Had the original driver been upfront about her habit of driving too fast and promised to be more responsible during his trip north, we might have been able to turn a stressful experience into an enjoyable one.

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