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Last year I submitted an application to the Encinitas City Hall for their Civic Center Gallery Art Exhibit.  About a week ago I found out I was one of twelve artists accepted for this year. Here’s  the announcement. 

Encinitas Civic Center Gallery “Talking Art” Exhibit

“Animal Communication On Canvas”

Talking With Romeo

“I’m really just an Animal Interpreter” says Debra Saum who’s one-woman show will be featured at the Encinitas Civic Center Gallery from January 12th – February 28th, 2012. 

  “We all have a sixth sense, we’re born with it.  I communicate with the animals I paint and they communicate right back.  My ‘Talking Art’ portraits along with my books give them a voice”.  

Saum’s vibrantly colorful portraits of wildlife and domesticated animals jump off the wall with their intensity.  Clients who commission her to paint their beloved animal companions talk about how their four-legged friends are alive within the canvas.


“Animal communication is the most natural thing….it happens every day between people and the animals they love.  I’m simply using art and writing as a medium to show how animals and humans truly understand each other.

Heart of the Leo

  One of my favorite animal subjects who appears in my latest book “Animal Joy” expresses it best……. “We are all the same species….the species of life.”  

Artist Reception and Book Signing:

Wed. Jan.18th, 2012 5-7p.m.

Encinitas Civic Center Gallery 505 S. Vulcan Ave.  Encinitas (Gallery open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm; closed Jan. 20, Feb. 3 and Feb.17)


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