At Liberty

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Romeo at liberty

A foundation of my relationship with  Romeo is our time spent at liberty when he has the freedom to be his own person and interact with me if and only when he wants to….without tack.   These times are spent not only in his paddock and in pasture turn-outs, but also during our ‘special time’….. in the safe environment of the small arena.  With plenty of room to run, play and experience a sense of independence and joy that is vital to his well-being, we celebrate the bliss of connection.

We start out by playing  (this is his favorite part).  He gallops, prances, bucks, shows off and exhibits a sense of self that is thrilling to watch.  He knows it’s my favorite part too by the  overwhelming admiration and adoration which emanates from me as I share in his display. The remaining time we practice companion walking, trotting, cantering, turning, stopping, dancing…..all in unison.

It takes tremendous skill, trust and a deep bond to work at liberty with a horse;  it’s not for everyone.  But for those who take the time to learn….it is a magical journey filled with profound spiritual wonder.

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