Awareness Through Movement

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animal communication
Oscar’s After Nap Stretch

About 3 months ago in an effort to heal a shoulder and knee injury, I discovered Feldenkrais, a life-changing method using gentle exercises and breathing to enhance awareness through movement.  Having been a student of Yoga and meditation for over 40 years, I have found this method to be a magical journey of discovery and profoundly effective in releasing tension-based movement. 

animal communication
Freedom Through Movement

I have also discovered that animals are the masters of awareness through movement.  Perhaps it is because they don’t dwell on emotional tensions, which end up settling into the body as aches and pains.  Just watching a dog, cat or horse stretch as they get up from a nap…’s evident that their innate abilities to live in the moment and respect their body’s natural inclination towards health and well-being allows them to move in fluidity and grace.

My new goal is to be like the animals….spontaneous, free, comfortable in my body and empowered by my awareness!

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