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Remember Who You Are

I’ve been spending an extraordinary amount of energy the last few weeks looking at horses for sale.  Driving long distances, riding unfamiliar mounts, relating to folks who are not always forthcoming.  I’ve also had the chance to meet some really wonderful horses and have been able to help them understand what it means for them to be “for sale”.  I feel enormously grateful to be able to help them understand a potentially stressful and confusing time in their lives.  I know I’ve been placed in their path to help them and for that I am blessed.

I have also run myself ragged.  Tonight as I sit down to write this post, (and after a loving reminder from my husband to take a break and slow down with my search) I turn to the animals for clarity and understanding.  And I remember that one of the most important lessons that animals teach us is balance.  Going with the flow..taking things as they come and pulling back when necessary all come naturally to them.  They know when to take a nap, when to come back to center and how to allow life to unfold. 

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  1. Connie
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    You were on my mind today ….as I was riding my first Morgan…. I was imagining how much time and energy – – and stress- it would take me to find a horse for myself!
    Stay hopeful, stay balanced, ….it will happen in the right time, girl!

  2. admin
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    Thank you Connie! I am also supported by Romeo’s spirit….he keeps reminding me to slow down!

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