Balance Means Peace and Harmony

animal communication

During the last 2 months, I have thrown myself into my relationship with my new horse Remington.  I want his life to have a foundation filled with love, compassion, support and structure.

Yesterday however, Remington gave me a wake-up call, a call for balance.  He got away from his trainer while feeling his oats during lunging.  The vision of him galloping full speed down the ranch’s long dirt driveway, tail held straight up, neck lifted erect and lunge rope sailing along behind his proud head will stay with me forever…the mixture of terror and awe sealing this memory into my brain!

His call to the wild moment was his gleeful message for me about allowing him to be himself…(not just my equine ‘son’).  It was also a message about stepping back and trusting that this soulful relationship I have with my new equine partner is already written in destiny.  By seeking a place of balance, I can invite peace and harmony into our  our relationship and into my life.

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