Before and After

animal communication
Harry Potter…Before

I wrote several months ago about my friend Tiffany who rescued 3 horses, one of whom is Harry Potter.  Harry was… put it mildly, extremely nervous….his flight-response in high gear all the time.  Just approaching him would send him into a melt-down of fear.  Clearly, he had been terribly mistreated and was distrustful of humans.

I went to visit him recently and watch him being worked in a round pen.  It was delightful to see this once frightened horse enjoying himself in the company of people….showing off his obvious delight in being able to trot and canter, mane and tail flying.

Harry is still easily startled and worries about moving through confined spaces.

animal communication
Harry Potter….After

But in the few months he has been with Tiffany, he has blossomed….his true personality finally allowed to emerge.  One of the sweetest, kindest horses I’ve every met, he is now showing confidence and joy.

animal communication
Harry Potter in Joy

Harry’s life is full, his heart renewed, his faith in humans beginning to return.

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  1. Tiff
    | Reply

    Love this!!! Thank you so much! Harry is such a wonderful boy and such a joy to have in my life!!! Im soo lucky!!! He is such a sweet boy and so proud of himself and I love to see that in him!!! I love my Harry and thank you for writing about him and especially coming to see him!!! Xoxotiff

  2. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    This makes my heart feel so light Debra….That last photograph makes me want to run with joy too!

  3. Debra Saum
    | Reply

    Dear Tiff, Harry is one of the most special horses I’ve ever met! He is so willing and kind….a brave teacher for so many!

  4. Debra Saum
    | Reply

    Dar Mary, Thank you for your lightness! Harry is an example of what happens when we trust joy to bring us along. He is an inspiration.

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