Being Present

animal communication

There is a new neighbor…a woman….. who walks her dog in our neighborhood…talking on her cell phone as she attempts to keep her darling, young Labrador under control.  Bella and I recently met them on the sidewalk; he was gregarious and playful; his person seemed agitated that she had to place her call on hold in order to deal with her dog.

As they walked away, I could feel Bella’s curiosity.  As much as she wanted to get to know this new canine neighbor, she was also confused by his energy.  For her, walks are about being with her person(s) and enjoying the moment, not about feeling out of control and disconnected from the individual at the other end of the leash.

Being present is a gift that animals give to us.  If we choose to we can learn how to release distractions, worries, so-called obligations and perceived importance….we can let go and just be.  One of the most delicious ways to practice being in the moment is to give ourselves over to the wisdom, joy and delight of being in the company of our beloved animal companions.  Being with them in the present moment is medicine for our souls and nutrition for our hearts.

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