Being Willing To Take The Time It Takes

animal communication
Scooter the Teacher

During my ride today with Scooter, we worked on clear, consistent and direct language when asking for lead changes, transitions into walk, trot, canter, slowing down, stopping, changing directions.  I am so enjoying Scooter’s calm, trusting attitude and the many things he is teaching me about slowing down and being willing to take the time it takes for all things to unfold.

Horses have a way of touching not only our hearts, but of asking us to dig deep to find answers within ourselves.  They do not push us into rushing for the end goal, they ask only that we be honest in pursuing it. 

There is something so incredibly healing about how all animals have a way of bringing out the best in us…..sometimes in spite of ourselves.

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  1. Robin crabtree
    | Reply

    So glad you are riding and enjoying scooter!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Thank you Robin. He is a wonderful teacher and a safe, quiet ride. I really appreciate him!

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