Beings of Light

animal communication
Light Beings

I’ve often been asked if animals can see or sense the presence of spiritual beings.  It’s an interesting question….one that raises curiosity about alternate realities.

It has been my experience that animals do have a knack for tuning into spiritual realms.  For many years, I did Psychic Readings for people….and on many occasions, other-worldly  individuals would show up.  There were even those times when my clients felt them too.  But it was usually my cats or dog who would first announce their arrival.  Ears would perk up and  heads would turn to stare intently at so-called empty space.  There was never any fear expressed, only gentle curiosity and complete acceptance.

I believe we are all at our core, beings of light…..expressions of a light source that is infinite.  And because animals don’t experience the same doubts and need to intellectualize everything that we do, they teach us how to believe in the unknown. 

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