Bella’s Bone


animal communication
Bella's bone

I bought a bone for Bella today…what dog doesn’t love having their own bone?!  Dogs and bones can be a challenging combination, however.  Some dogs become aggressive with their bones, so supervision, or at the very least a watchful eye helps all other family members, whether two-legged or four-legged be safe while the canine member of the clan enjoys their bone.

A good example was today when I approached Bella, fully engaged in bone nirvana, and one of the orange boys was close by.  Bella growled a warning…..”MY bone!”  I gently, but firmly corrected her and took the bone away.  She was immediately apologetic.  I explained that no one was going to take her bone away from her and that she needn’t be aggressive.

animal communication
Bella's House

When I gave it back to her, she immediately took it to her “Bella House” where she knew she was safe and could concentrate on not only her bone, but staying out of trouble.


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