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Felix...Birdie Watch

Each morning, the Orange Boys and I have a first-thing ritual upon entering the kitchen.  They get up on the counter, eagerly chattering and hurrying me along while I empty the dishwasher of it’s contents and begin the preparations for their breakfast.  Felix is usually the one doing most of the hurrying as eating is his #1 job…followed by job #2 which is BIRDIE WATCH.

animal communication
Birdie on the Brain

This morning, there were a family of small sparrows just outside the Boys’ garden window.  (most people put plants in their garden windows….ours is for cat beds and feline sun-bathing)  He was transfixed with their 6 a.m. comings and goings and almost forgot to hurry up the breakfast preparations.

animal communication
Oscar for Breakfast

So Oscar picked up the slack and parked himself near the dishes which still needed putting away while I grabbed my camera.  I am so grateful for my morning ritual with the Orange Boys.  It is a constant and a comfort in my life and they are the best friends in the world during my morning wake-up time.

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  1. Mary Muncil
    | Reply

    It does my heart good to see other people’s cats on the counters too! Thank you for the smile this morning Debra!

  2. admin
    | Reply

    Hi Mary, Thank you for being another counter-kitty person. I mean what’s the point? The counter is where everything is happening, so why not be up there, right? Much love, Debra

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