Talking With Wildlife

I live in an area that in spite of being in a large city, is also surrounded by a nature preserve. I feel blessed to have such beauty around me and love seeing the plentiful deer, coyotes, bobcat, bunnies, squirrels and occasional mountain lion.  The preserve is part of a natural corridor that stretches for many miles and connects to … Read More

Does Your Cat Like to Explore Cupboards?

What is it about cats and cupboards?  Open a cupboard and a cat will surely explore it…..well at least if there’s room in the cupboard!  Our Orange Boys Oscar and Felix love to go cupboard exploring. All of my kitchen cupboards are filled to the brim with pans, pots and tools of the cooking trade.  There are shelves which slide … Read More

Snake Medicine

I believe that every animal, tree, stone, flower….every part of nature can be a messenger for us.  When we choose to follow nature’s ways and listen with our inner being we begin to see that all of life’s creations are divine expressions of wisdom and grace.  When I was visiting Remington a couple weeks ago, sitting tranquilly in my chair … Read More

Napping With Horses 101: For Husbands

Over the weekend , my husband and I went to visit Remington.  I’ve been having back strain the last few weeks and have had to cut back on my twice weekly visits.  Bill, my ever- supportive, non-horse-person husband volunteered to come along once a week, doing all the driving and enjoying his time at the farm while relaxing, reading and … Read More

Are Horses The True Mystics of Our Time?

Research reveals that more than half of the genes on the chromosomes of horses appear in the same order as those on human chromosomes.  What does that really mean?  It means that since horses have been vital to the development of our species for thousands of years,  we have evolved together…..our very genes becoming inexplicably intertwined. People who love horses … Read More

How Do You Know If Your Telepathic Communication With An Animal Is Working?

Many people ask me how telepathic communication with animals is possible and if they try it, how will they know it’s working.  Using ‘word pictures’ along with the intent of clearly conveying your emotions, your desires and your loving connection with your animal companions are the foundation of establishing a telepathic relationship with them.  Trusting inter-species communication is paramount.  Remember, … Read More

Love is a Whole-Being Experience

It’s true what the masters and the mystics say about Love:  it is the most powerful energy in the universe. I have been blessed to experience love with so many people and animals in my life, but recently I have been enchanted and deeply, deeply touched by the power of love as it continues to deepen between my horse Remington … Read More

Do You Want To Learn The Ancient Secrets Which Horses Can Teach You?

(My Sweet Remington) My journey with my young horse Remington has expanded beyond anything I could have imagined as he continues to show me the Ancient Way of the Horse. When I visited him yesterday, I was down in the dumps.  Feeling sorry for myself and tired of dealing with back pain accompanied with  fears of never being strong or … Read More

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