Have You Ever Experienced “Forest Bathing”?

I recently read an interesting article from the “Grateful News” (part of a regular Newsletter published by www.gratefullness.org) about the beneficial affects of  being around trees and/or spending time outside in nature.  It was perfect timing, as I have been experiencing a healing of sorts every time I go to visit my horse Remington. The Farm where he lives is … Read More

Here’s What Happens When Cats Go Grocery Shopping

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Felix (left) and Oscar (right) helping with the groceries Our two Orange Boys Oscar and Felix LOVE grocery shopping day.  As soon as I arrive home, bags in hand and start stacking them on the kitchen counters to be unloaded, the boys are ready to help. They usually hear my car pull into the garage and when I first come … Read More

Have You Ever Taken A Nap With A Horse and Been Healed?

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Saddle Creek Farm The last two times I’ve visited with Remington, I’ve had an extraordinary experience.  It may seem like no big deal to some one else but for me, it has been a profound, enlightening and consciousness-altering gift. After I take Remy out of the pasture and we do our usual walk around the Farm, groom, go eat grass, … Read More

Listen For The Trees Who Sing

We live overlooking a beautiful nature preserve….complete with a bounty of trees and our own small “Wild Kingdom” of various wildlife.  Today when I took our dog Bella for a walk, I decided to go down the road that leads to the preserve.  Since it’s off-limits (to protect the animals and habitat) we only approached the entrance. As I stood, … Read More

Animals As Spiritual Advisors and Mystics

I believe that animals are messengers.  I’ve written about this before, since I experience daily the powerful wisdom of animals and their timely appearances in my life.  When we pay close attention to not only our domesticated animal friends, but to the wildlife around us (even if you live in a city and your contact with wildlife is minimal), we … Read More

What To Do When Your Animal Friend Displays Jealousy

Oscar A couple of days ago, I decided to brush Felix, one of our Orange Boys.  He doesn’t normally like to be brushed, but that day he was in a particularly affectionate mood and actually indulged himself in the feel of the bristles as they pulled out mounds of his shedding coat.  He was completely in the zone when his … Read More

Teaching Our Children About Sacred Relationships With Animals

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  Our next-door neighbors are having a birthday party tomorrow for their beautiful daughter Alice who just turned 1 year old.  I’ve watched Alice grow from a new-born to a toddling, curious and strong willed little one.  From the moment I met her, I knew she had a gift of intuitive sensitivity.   And as she’s become increasingly more mobile, … Read More

Altered States of Consciousness and the Animals Who Take Us There

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As I have been spending more time with Remington and his pasture mates….in their pasture……. I have been experiencing a shift in consciousness that I did not anticipate.  During the first few weeks, it was all about establishing hierarchy amongst the four of us.  Luke, the oldest is the Herd Boss.  Next in line is Remington and the youngster William … Read More

An Unexpected Experience of Becoming A Horse

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Yesterday when I visited Remington, I had one of the most profound experiences with him and his herd mates.  As per our usual visits, I took Remy out of the pasture for our walk around the farm, we groomed and also had a special visit with friends who had come to see him.  When I took him back to his … Read More

The Healing Power of Being Surrounded by Horses

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My husband Bill and I visited Remington yesterday….Sunday being one of the few days when Bill can take time away from the business.  I knew it would be beneficial for him to be out in nature, surrounded by peace and beauty, but I also knew the healing presence of horses would do him good. All animals are good for us … Read More

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