What Does Divine Intervention Feel Like?

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  Since Remington’s move to Saddle Creek Farm and his new life as a “wild horse” (his descriptive word for being able to live in a pasture with his best buddies and eat grass, play, lounge around, stand out in the rain and never worry about being ridden) our relationship has reached a whole new dimension.  The decision to move … Read More

Why Is It So Important To Be Yourself?

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“Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” — Dr. Seuss My horse Remington, living in his new home in a pasture, with two other horses….is teaching me about how to be myself.  It’s kind of a silly statement, really, because who else would I be but … Read More

What Does True Healing Look Like?

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When I first brought Remington into my life, he was being trained as a Western Pleasure Show Horse.  At first, it seemed like the kind of life he would enjoy.  But, as I’ve shared in earlier posts, that most certainly was not to be the case. Since moving him to a beautiful Farm where he lives in a large pasture … Read More

Alpaca Wisdom: A Visit With Some Very Special Beings

I recently visited two alpacas who live at a near-by Animal Sanctuary.  They have only lived there less than a year, but in that time the staff has become concerned that they both are unhappy.  I volunteered my time to do an Animal Communication  Session with them to see what they had to say.  Both shy at first, they began … Read More

What does surfing have to do with life lessons?

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I have a dear and wonderful friend who is an avid (and awesome) surfer and accomplished swimmer.  We have been spending time together lately and her presence, reassurance and beautiful spirit  has prompted me to return to my blog, deal with some radical changes that have taken place in my life over the last few months and be willing to … Read More

Living in Other Dimensions: The Secret to Being At Peace

In my experience, animals live most of their lives in other dimensions.  Take cats, for example.  They sleep most of the time; their consciousness swept away into a world of  out-of-body experiences and dream-like existence. As a result, they are masters at knowing how to be still and quiet, both within and without.    Horses too.  Although it isn’t sleep … Read More

Trust Your Intuitive Wisdom, It’s Always Right

A few years ago, I was contacted by a couple who’d been referred to me for animal communication.  They wanted me to talk with their Chinchilla “Jasmine”.  There were no pressing issues with her; they simply wanted to make sure she was happy with her life.  I’d never met a chinchilla let alone talked with one, so I was thrilled … Read More

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