We’re All The Same

When I create an animal portrait I never know what will transpire in the conversations that happen between me and that animal during the creation of the painting.  What I do know is that I will most certainly hear something truly profound from my subjects. The lion in this portrait lives in the wilds of Africa.  His photo was taken … Read More

Sun Worshiper

Animals living in zoos….I’m often asked about it.  Are they happy?  Do they understand their life in captivity?  It depends upon the individual animal.  I’ve met some who are distraught behind their bars…others who are content and understand their life completely. There’s even those who know exactly why they live in captivity and are pleased to be educating humans about … Read More

What Is Animal Communication…Really?

  I’m sometimes a bit flummoxed when asked this question….it’s a good question, actually and the answers are multidimensional to say the least.  It was on my mind this morning while Oscar and Felix were talking to me and to each other.  I was getting breakfast prepared, they were in their usual spots and they were chirping, purr-talking (that meow/purr … Read More

Happy New Year…the morning after

  Last night, for New Year’s Eve we had our friends/neighbors over for dinner.  They brought Blueberry with them.  She’s a rescued Pit Bull and Bella’s all-time best girlfriend who has generously taken on the role of mentor, teacher and bringer of all things fun and wonderful for our beloved girl dog. After dinner and much to the entertainment of … Read More

Watching Horses

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I never tire of watching horses.  Whether it is gazing at them through the trees as they enjoy their pasture time or simply being in their presence, there is something eternally engaging in the equine form…their elegant stature, their exquisite power.  It is easy to be smitten with horses….completely over-the-moon for their mysteriousness. They trigger an ancient calling to believe … Read More


Years before I ever knew I’d have horses so predominantly in my life, I bought a pair of fancy cowboy boots and wore them with everything.  I loved the way I felt in them…confident, strong and purposeful.  Little did I know they were messengers of a future time….20 years hence… when wearing cowboy boots and riding boots would bring me … Read More

May I Take Your Order, Sir?

Our boy-in-an-orange-suit kitter Felix taught himself how to eat with his hands (sans silverware) when he was a wee lad.  I caught him in the act again this morning, that little paw poised mid-air…ready for the next swipe into the bowl.  The look on his face…”What!?”   I often tease him “Don’t you know that every proper feline doesn’t eat … Read More

The Voice of Flowers

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  Flowers…..if every living thing has a voice…an essence…then flowers speak to us of hope and beauty.  Who isn’t affected by their ability to open hearts and inspire wonder? There are daffodils and daisies popping up all over the Osuna Ranch, gleefully whispering their reminders of the coming spring. Animals have the same affect on our consciousness if we let … Read More

They Stay With Us

I get many requests to talk with beloved animal companions who have crossed over.  I am the first to admit that I don’t really understand how this works, I just know that it does.  If time is infinite and spirit is all encompassing than perhaps that is why the essence of those we love still exists..even after they are gone … Read More

New book

  Happiest of Holidays everyone.  And I hope the coming New Year brings love, joy and abundance to you and the animals in your life. I’ll now be posting my blogs during Monday through Friday…..I have a new project in the works: the publication of a revised version of my latest book “Animal Joy” which will be released on amazon.com … Read More

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