There is a small potted poinsettia on our dining room table near the sliding glass door which I’ve been nursing along since last Christmas.   She was the only one to survive from last season’s decorations.  (I believe wholeheartedly in anthropomorphism. Each and every living thing has an essence, a spirit..Father Sky, Mother Earth….this little plant has definite feminine qualities). When … Read More


Our sweet dog Bella…we adopted her from Helen Woodward Animal Center about 8 months ago when she was 2 years old…came to live with an existing household of felines.  Our Orange Boys were at first weary of her.  She was exuberant, inquisitive and full of far too much dog-ness for their taste.  They had been raised since kitten-hood by our … Read More

Winter Solstice

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  Winter in Southern California is a markedly mild event.  Where as  in other parts of the country, trees are naked and asleep….clothed only in snow as they await the coming of spring, our trees are just now dropping their final leaves. Come April, it’s not uncommon to find a lone, frayed leaf…leftover from the year before who is still … Read More


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There is a Great Blue Heron who makes his annual winter visits to the Osuna Ranch where I board my horse Romeo.  Everyone calls him George. Although George lives year-round in the surrounding area, his favorite time at the Ranch is now…. when gopher-catching is plentiful.  During the summer months, he’s next door at the Saddle Club where the spring-fed … Read More

Simple gifts

I had a special gifting experience this week.  I gave a friend who boards her horses at The Osuna Ranch where Romeo lives a package of my animal greeting cards. These days, many people communicate via the internet, but since I knew she was a real animal lover…the kind who takes in stray cats, dogs, bunnies… fussing and worrying over … Read More

Relationships 101

  I’ve learned more about relationships from animals than anyone else……they are such humble teachers of unconditional love and acceptance.  Perhaps that’s because the mystical dance of relating is simply built into their idea of survival.  To cooperate with the natural order of things and seek harmony is just how they live. Horses are especially adept at  this.  Some of … Read More

Play With Me

Animals are the masters of play.  It comes naturally to them….they beg of us to let go and live in the moment by inviting us to play whenever possible. Our Orange Boy Felix invites me to play every morning when I’m in the kitchen finishing up the morning dishes.  He plans his invitation deliberately….making a grand entrance. Tail puffed, eyes … Read More

Pepper Tree

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There’s a pepper tree next to Romeo’s paddock.  It has a distinct personality.  Seasoned, mature, content …..this tree knows it’s place. Living next to horses and providing them with shade and a sense of shelter is important.  It’s clear this tree knows that. I don’t think that horses…. or any other animal for that matter…. dismiss the consciousness of trees.  … Read More

After The Rain

Precipitation is a precious commodity in Southern California….when we do get a storm, all of nature celebrates! There is something so intoxicating about the freshness in the air after it rains…..trees are plumped up with gratitude, their leaves crisp and shinny; birds, squirrels and all other critters are busy feeding,  chattering and celebrating the invigoration of life and renewal that … Read More

Dogs in Crates

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What about putting dogs in crates; how do the dogs feel about it?  It totally depends upon not only the dog, but how the crate is used.  I’ve talked with some dogs who see their crates as a horrible cage; confinement, isolation and punishment.  We had a neighbor once who used to put her large Weimerauner in a crate in … Read More

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