Pure Mischief

There’s something about puppies.  Absolute innocence, they are delicious…….we can’t help ourselves for wanting to smooch all over them and love them for their uncanny ability to bring out the best in us. They also allow us to play with abandon; they beg of us to let down our adulthood and revel in the moment, not caring that we may … Read More

Soul Mates

I’ve lost count of the number of times people have described the relationship with their dog, cat, horse or other companion animal as “Soul Mates”.  I’ve also been told by countless animals that they feel the same way about their humans. Animals  are exquisite teachers of giving one’s whole self to someone else.  I think it’s one of the reasons … Read More

Tis’ The Season

Our neighbors have a wonderful tradition of displaying poinsettias during the holiday season in these delightful wooden reindeer holders.  Bursting with joyful color and cheer, when I took these photos I thought of a question I’ve been asked by friends and clients:  What do animals think about Holiday times versus Regular times?  Do they experience this time of year any … Read More

Hollywood Animals

One of my favorite animal subjects was Cheeta the chimpanzee.  Best known as the comical and beloved side-kick to “the Ape Man” in the  poplar Tarzan movies of the 50’s he was captured from the wild; taken from his mother.  He became a movie star overnight. (Thankfully this horrific practice is no longer the norm for Hollywood animals. Rigid  regulations … Read More

Morning Light

Morning light is magical.  Animals know this. They wake up to the sun……. can’t wait for it’s warmth and it’s message of a new day, new hope, new life. Nature is their divine guide.  They never question her wisdom and her rhythms…. What a blessing for us to learn from them this simple yet profoundly harmonious way of living. In … Read More

Reading Energy

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  Animals are masters at reading energy….they’re hard wired for trusting their sixth sense to understand everything.  Because of this they make  great candidates for hands-on-healing modalities such as Reiki, Accupressure, Massage and other forms of body work. Take my horse Romeo for example….he had one of his favorite persons out to the Ranch today to give him a healing … Read More

Here’s Looking At You

This leopard was photographed shortly after finishing his meal.  In this remarkable shot, the photographer came upon him unexpectedly. I usually take my own photos as references for my paintings.  When that’s not possible, I make arrangements with professional photographers who capture special moments in animal behavior.  The photographer who took this reference photo told me the story behind this … Read More

Animals and Their Jobs

Domesticated animals want to feel important, vital to their family.  Even animals in the wild who live in packs, herds, clutches, etc. assign responsibilities amongst their group.  Be assured that your beloved animal companion will self-assign his/her job if you don’t. My cat Yogi was the best example of this.  About a year after we rescued him, he decided that … Read More

Things Are Not Always What They Seem

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  It’s not often I have the chance to sit next to a 650-pound animal who’s a member of an endangered species.  His name was Kenya and he was a full grown African Lion. I was there because of an unanswered question my clients had been asking for years:  “How do circus animals feel about their lives?”.  I finally decided … Read More

Their World

  I am reminded every day how different and yet how similar the world of animals is to ours.  This morning our two orange boy cats Oscar and Felix were in their usual spot on the kitchen counter as I prepared their breakfast.  This is their routine and they’re sticking to it.  Felix rubs, chirps, purrs, talks and walks back … Read More

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