Body Language

animal communication
Oscar the King

Our Orange Boy Oscar and our dog Bella have a unique relationship.   They love each other but are in competition for the Head Of Household title.  One of Oscar’s favorite ways of displaying this is by rolling around on Bella’s bed when it’s unoccupied.  He uses obvious body language to mark her blankets with his scent, displaying King of the Family moves and in his own playful way, attempts to engage her if she’s watching.


animal communication
Oscar Marking Scent

She finds this most interesting but for the most part, non-threatening.

This morning, Bella was on the staircase landing, looking down at Oscar on one of her numerous beds.  This particular bed is usually outside on the deck, but we bring it inside when it rains.  Steeped in the exotic smells of trees, birds and all things wild, it has the unmistakable aroma of happy-dog-domain.

animal communication
Do You See Me Now?

Oscar couldn’t resist…all the while watching Bella watch him rolling about.

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