Tony Lama recycled

Years before I ever knew I’d have horses so predominantly in my life, I bought a pair of fancy cowboy boots and wore them with everything.  I loved the way I felt in them…confident, strong and purposeful.  Little did I know they were messengers of a future time….20 years hence… when wearing cowboy boots and riding boots would bring me far more pleasure than just fashion.  Now every time I put on my boots while getting ready for my morning with Romeo, I am awash with gratitude.  I cannot imagine a life without horses. 

It seemed only fitting that I recycle the original boots when they become worn thin… giving them a new job of housing my favorite succulent plants.


Tony Lama planter

One I gave to my friend and the other now greets those who come to our front door with a wonderful reminder that even the smallest of things in life can be messengers foretelling a time of dreams fulfilled.

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