The Boys

Our Orange Boys Oscar and Felix are brothers….they’ve lived together their entire lives.  There are days when they are the best of buddies….romping around the house, sharing toys, grooming each other and comparing notes about the birds and wildlife that surround our home.

There are other days when they fight about who’s in charge, compete with each other for our attention and argue about who gets the best nap spot in the house.  Their disagreements are fierce, their disharmony felt throughout the house.

But when all is said and done, they return to the love and security they share…the brotherly companionship that always wins out.  Those are the days when we find them one on top of the other, crammed into the too-small cat bed in the kitchen garden window.  They  always seem so surprised when we congratulate them on bringing harmony back to the household.  They never fail in giving us a look that says….”Did you doubt that we would return to love?”

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  1. Kim Baxter
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    What beautiful boys! I had two beautiful grandkittens, Ewok and Kogo, who blessed my life for three beautiful years. One cold January morning in 2005 Ewok was hit by a car and died. Kogo – the more sensitive and shy of the two went into deep mourning. About six weeks later, he broke out of a screen window and ran into the street dying a few feet from where his brother left the planet. I had no doubt he had chosen to move on. It was so sad, but I immediately saw the two of them reunited again. What joy they brought to our lives and even now I see them running around some golden temple with big crowns on!! Every once in a while I can even feel them rub against my leg. ;o))

  2. admin
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    Kim, what a heartfelt and wonderful story about Ewok and Kogo! The mysteries of deep connection and love between not only like-species but inter-species is profound, isn’t it? Thank you for sharing their remarkable journey, however short it was.

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