“Laughing is the shortest distance between two people.”   Victor Borge  I have been blessed to live with many animal companions during my life.  One of my most beloved animal friends was a cat named Yogi.  He, along with several other felines lived with my husband and I during his short life. As is so common with almost all cats … Read More


I believe in signs. Those unexpected yet greatly appreciated confirmations that all is well and our goals and wishes…our dreams and inspirations are heard.  I have found nature to be a constant source of positive signs……when I lest expect it there is a stunning sunset, a beautiful bird at my window, a sky that talks, a welcome rain, the sun … Read More

Daily Miracles

The animals in my life help me embrace daily miracles which lighten my spirits and remind me to trust in a divine kind of life. It has been an unseasonably warm winter in San Diego with summer-like temperatures.  Today the Orange Boys, Oscar and Felix were napping in their favorite cat tree in the corner of my studio where the … Read More


As an artist, I am always working with perspective…something that allows me to pique the interest of my viewers by creating a different view-point within my paintings.  When I created this portrait of “Junior”, a Peruvian (hence the title “Peruvian Prince”) I was captivated by the up-close perspective which accentuated his beautiful eye, dramatic mane and handsome bridle. Junior belongs … Read More


Gifts come in so many different packages…sometimes it’s something as simple as the gift of sunshine after a good rain or the look of affection from a loved one.  Other times it’s the unconditional love and support like the kind I received from my friend Lola yesterday when I called her in a nervous fit right before my television appearance.  … Read More

Talking Art on television

  My “Talking Art” show at the Encinitas City Hall Civic Gallery was featured today on KUSI’s morning news program.  It was a wonderful opportunity to broadcast the joy and hope that animals bring to us. There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t feel grateful and humbled by the presence of animals.  My dream is that  my … Read More

Art Shows

Last year I submitted an application to the Encinitas City Hall for their Civic Center Gallery Art Exhibit.  About a week ago I found out I was one of twelve artists accepted for this year. Here’s  the announcement.  Encinitas Civic Center Gallery “Talking Art” Exhibit “Animal Communication On Canvas” Talking With Romeo “I’m really just an Animal Interpreter” says Debra … Read More

Sky Talking

Today was one of those days when the skies were talking.  How many times do we get so involved in our daily to-do’s, never once thinking of looking UP, taking our minds and hearts to a higher place? It’s a wonderful thing…developing the habit of reading the sky….persuading the mind to drop it’s lists and chatter….long enough to take-in one … Read More

We’re All The Same

When I create an animal portrait I never know what will transpire in the conversations that happen between me and that animal during the creation of the painting.  What I do know is that I will most certainly hear something truly profound from my subjects. The lion in this portrait lives in the wilds of Africa.  His photo was taken … Read More

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