Compassion: The Purest Form of Unconditional Love

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I recently had the privilege of talking with a beautiful mare who was brought in on trial by a friend at the stables where my horse Remington lives.  It was soon obvious that she was demonstrating lameness. (Come to find out, even her own vet was unable to pinpoint the cause.).  When I spoke with this horse, she was reluctant … Read More

Staying in the Present

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  “You can destroy your now by worrying about tomorrow.”  Janis Joplin I have recently been spending lots of time with Remington during his turn-out.  I used to turn him out then go do horsey chores, visit with other horse women, watch lessons or use my cell phone.  Now I sit in a chair next to him, surrounded by nature, … Read More

Honoring the Intelligence of All Life

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When I first bought my horse Remington, I thought I might want to show him.  He has the talent, the looks and the disposition for it.  But as time went on, I grew more hesitant.  As an animal communicator, I have talked with many show horses….some who love it and some who don’t.  After much thought, I finally came to … Read More

Forever Grateful for The Animals In My Life

The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with nature”   Joseph Campbell  This quote reminds me of how animals live…in complete harmony with nature and in synch with the universe at every moment.  My life as an animal communicator and animal artist allows me many invaluable moments with animals……to … Read More

The Teachings of Tolerance

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Our two orange boy felines, Oscar and Felix share a complex relationship as brothers.  There are times when they are playful goofballs together as well as moments when they fight like true enemies.    There are also those times when they are absolute best friends, dream buddies who love to hangout with each other during a nice, long afternoon nap.  … Read More

Celebrating The Small Stuff

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  I’m learning some invaluable lessons from my young horse Remington about not only living in the moment and accepting whatever challenges come my way, but about celebrating even the smallest of achievements.  Remington is a talented, smart, kind and special horse.  Having just turned 4 years of age, he is experiencing the delights of youth and the normal moments … Read More

All Things Are Possible When You Follow Your Heart

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“The word ‘impossible’ is only in the mind and not the heart”.  Sri Chinmoy  I caught this image of Felix in Bella’s kitchen bed, surrounded by her toys.  After I took the photo, Bella came over…nose to nose with Felix.  She made no attempt to remove him from her bed, but was just checking in to see that he was … Read More

The Quiet Behind the Communication

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I recently did a workshop for kids at our local library (to promote my latest book “Animal Talk, What Do They Have To Say?”).  The subject was of course, animal communication.  At the end of the presentation, the kids who had brought photos of their favorite animal companions traded photos as part of a fun exercise in learning the basics … Read More

Becoming One With The Equine Spirit

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  I recently did an Animal Communication session with a lovely woman and her beautiful gelding, who she imported from Holland a few weeks ago.  I was struck by the instant closeness between them, their bond palpable and uplifting. When I asked her about her plans for him (they ride dressage), she said the most important thing to her is … Read More

There Are No Coincidences

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  The year was 1966.  I was 15 years old.  Our family had moved to ‘the sticks’ in east San Diego County and we got our first horse.  Suddenly, on February 23, my dad died of a heart attack.  Only 36 years old, his death sent our family into a tail spin.  My mom…in shock and trauma…sold the horse and … Read More

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