Comfort Zone

  Sometimes we need to move out of our comfort zone in order to realize our greatest potential.  Today when I was watching Gail (my trainer) work with Remington, she was showing me how to help him adjust to potentially spooky situations by asking him to pay attention to her (or me) rather than those things that made him nervous.  … Read More

Self Expression

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  This afternoon when I was in my office, our Orange Boy Oscar jumped up onto the table where his brother’s favorite nap spot is located….a kitty bed hidden behind one of my paintings.  (You can see a glimpse of him behind the painting in the photo below). As he prepared to settle down for a nice snooze, he circled … Read More

Ballerina Folklorico

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  This last weekend, I attended the Rancho Days at the Osuna Ranch where Romeo used to live.  Once a year, the Osuna Ranch celebrates it’s rich history with festivities and historical tours.  Built in 1830, the original adobe house remains on this once 8,000-acre ranch where horses and cattle lived.  Owned by Juan Maria Osuna, the first mayor of … Read More


  Today I decided to try something different with Scooter.  I wanted to expand our relationship beyond just riding, so I asked him to work with me at liberty in the round pen.  I knew this would be something very new for him….far from his usual routine.  At first, he wasn’t sure what I was asking….he’s used to being lunged … Read More


While riding Scooter today, I was reminded about the power of staying centered.  Animals know when we are off-center and have different ways of giving us feedback about that.  Some quietly wait it out until we are exuding a more peaceful energy, others offer help….showing us their love and devotion in an effort to bring us back to our true … Read More

New Neighbors

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  I was watching our dog Bella interact with the new neighbor’s dog today.  At first unsure, she quickly became playful.  Aspen (the new neighbor dog) …who is still getting used to her new surroundings was tentative and nervous.  It struck me how opposite this new relationship is from the one Bella used to have with her best next-door girlfriend … Read More

Animal Ownership

  When animals become members of our family, do we own them? Or are we, as many people would prefer…simply their stewards? During my search for a horse, I am encountering ‘owners’ and ‘trainers’ who represent the horse…..sometimes with the best of intentions and many times not.  What I find most enlightening is that the horses themselves don’t feel owned.  … Read More

Awareness Through Movement

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  About 3 months ago in an effort to heal a shoulder and knee injury, I discovered Feldenkrais, a life-changing method using gentle exercises and breathing to enhance awareness through movement.  Having been a student of Yoga and meditation for over 40 years, I have found this method to be a magical journey of discovery and profoundly effective in releasing … Read More

Using images to communicate, Part II

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  I was interviewed today for a local newspaper regarding my new book “Animal Talk” and we discussed using images to communicate with animals.  Most people don’t realize that when we use language to express ourselves, each and every word is accompanied with an image….the left brain uses language, the right brain uses images. Here’s an example:  You’re thinking about … Read More

Quality Time

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  I was speaking to a client a few days ago about her feelings of guilt regarding the lack of time she has for her horse.  Her life is extremely busy and she feels that the limited time she spends with him isn’t enough.  Her horse is not neglected……far from it, but she worries that he feels left out or … Read More

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