animal communication
Scooter the Saint

While riding Scooter today, I was reminded about the power of staying centered.  Animals know when we are off-center and have different ways of giving us feedback about that.  Some quietly wait it out until we are exuding a more peaceful energy, others offer help….showing us their love and devotion in an effort to bring us back to our true selves.

Horses in particular are especially sensitive to the inner workings of our emotional lives and usually reflect back to us…like a mirror…what is going on inside us.  Before arriving at the barn this morning, knowing that my energies have been very scattered as of late due to so much going on in my life…..I consciously centered myself.  I wanted to spend quality, relaxing time with Scooter, but most importantly I wanted to convey to him how grateful I am for being such a cherished equine friend..

As a result, we enjoyed a wonderful, meaningful time together grooming, riding, visiting with other horses and people.  As we both experienced the beauty of being centered, our time together was filled with joy and peaceful nutrition.

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