Clear Boundaries


animal communication
Testing 1,2,3

Animals are wonderful teachers about establishing boundaries.  I was reminded of this today when I was working with Scooter.  Normally a very quiet, complacent and agreeable fellow, he has been acting pretty spunky and opinionated since we’ve added alfalfa to his evening meal.  (We recently decided to give him a bit of extra protein since at 18 years of age and working harder than usual, he could use the 1/2 flake of his favorite hay.) As a result, he’s been ‘feeling his oats’ and pushing boundaries….testing me.  Our interaction today reminded me of those times I’ve had to remind our Bella about her training:  sit, stay, quiet….focus.

Our animals are always looking to us for leadership, guidance and direction.  Yes, they are also our spiritual mates, our friends and our confidants.  It’s an ebb and flow relationship of give and take and it’s up to us to know when to set boundaries and when to stretch those boundaries.  Like life itself, knowing how to stay in the flow brings peace and happiness to everyone.

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