Clear Thinking


animal communication
Let’s Play in the Tub

Animals have a way of grounding us….helping us establish a clear way of thinking.  I am blessed to have so many animals in my life….and I am reminded daily of their simple, refreshing way of looking at things.  When I have a stressful day, filled with tension, pressure or uncertainty, I can always rely on my relationships with animals to bring me back to what’s really important.  Love, kindness, food, play, affection….these are the things that make their world complete.

When I am overwhelmed with trying to figure stuff out and feeling consumed with life’s challenges, I can always turn to my animal friends who will gladly remind me that the most important thing right now is a yummy new treat or a chase around the house with a new toy or a nice bare-back ride around the ranch property or a good belly rub or a cuddle before sleep.

Animals remind me about what’s important…..and it usually doesn’t have anything at all to do with the stuff I was worried about.

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