Closet Kitty


animal communication
Felix in the cupboard

Animals love routine.  They like their meals at regular times, they like the comfort of a family’s daily habits and they like their favorite nap spots.  Our Orange Boy Felix recently started taking his mid-morning naps in the linen closet upstairs.  He figured out how to open the cupboard doors, get up to the top shelf and nestle down amongst the soft array of linens and towels. 

When I first heard him banging about, trying to get the doors open I discouraged him, thinking he’d scratch the paint (which he did). I couldn’t figure out what he wanted with those cupboards.  Then one day I found the cupboard door ajar, looked inside and there was a curious face starring back….only his orange head visible and his expressive eyes asking “What?  I’m just taking a nap!”

animal communication
Nap In Progress

Knowing how much  I like my own routines, I decided it was a good idea to encourage our clever boy.  Now when I hear the banging of cupboard doors upstairs, I forget abut the scratched paint and instead make sure Felix has found his way into his favorite den….happy,  secure and blissfully napping.

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