Compassion is the Solution

animal communication

Our Orange Boy Felix used to have a perplexing behavior which popped up now and then.  We call it the Jekyll and Hide Attack.  He goes from Mister Nice Guy to Crazy Man…..complete with yowling, attacking his brother and giving us the evil eye while making it clear he’s ready to fight.  We know there’s nothing physical causing it….he’s a healthy boy.

I used to confront this behavior with a firm “NO!” and a scolding, but it only made matters worse and encouraged him to become more aggressive.  Not sure what the problem was,  I decided to change my tactics.  Each time Felix starting morphing into Monster Kittie, I’d look him in the eye, quiet my energy and begin to speak to him in soothing tones while telepathically reminding him that this behavior was unbecoming and did not reflect his true self.  It worked.  Now when he feels a fit coming on, he knows I’ll bring him back to himself using compassion and understanding.

Sometimes finding solutions is more important than understanding the problem.


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