Compassion: The Purest Form of Unconditional Love

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animal communicationI recently had the privilege of talking with a beautiful mare who was brought in on trial by a friend at the stables where my horse Remington lives.  It was soon obvious that she was demonstrating lameness. (Come to find out, even her own vet was unable to pinpoint the cause.).  When I spoke with this horse, she was reluctant to reveal any information.  She said she was afraid to talk about it because she really wanted a new and wonderful family….she had fallen in love with my friend and her daughter and was sure that if she talked about her soreness, she’d be sent back.

Because my friend is an exceptionally loving and generous woman, she decided to pay for a vet check by a specialist (a highly respected vet who treats Olympic horses)….even though she knew she probably wouldn’t be buying this mare.  She wanted to help her by getting to the root of the lameness so the owners could finally do something to help this special horse.

A few days later, I found out that the owners have decided to do the right thing.  They’re going to give this sweet mare a year off, pull her shows and turn her out to pasture where she can heal, commune with her fellow equines and be free from the stresses of jumping and showing.

Animals are not only the givers of unconditional love, they have the uncanny capacity of creating compassion and pureness of heart in those humans whose lives they touch.  Due to not only the generosity and kindness of my friend, but to the raw honesty of this wonderful animal, many lives were touched…….and perhaps at least one life was saved.

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