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Extreme Cowboy Day

Today at the barn where Remington lives, we had an “Extreme Cowboy” experience, complete with various obstacles, tarps, a ‘car wash’, ramps, a teeter-totter bridge, flags, a water box, a giant stuffed teddy bear wearing a cow bell and other out of the ordinary challenges for our horses and riders.  It’s a wonderful and fun way to introduce horses to new experiences, help them build confidence and teach riders how to establish leadership, focus and trust with their equine partners.

animal communication
Remington on the Teeter Totter Bridge


My ever-trusting, open-hearted young horse was an absolute champ!  He ended up becoming the teacher for other, much older horses by showing them how easy it was to just follow along and trust his rider.  (Since I’m still recovering from a knee injury, his trainer rode him).  I was so proud of him….he had such a good time and was the shining example of how an animal wants to do anything for a person with whom he has complete trust.

animal communication
Water Box Anyone? No Big Deal

Remy has never had a reason not to trust people so he views both Gail, his trainer and me, his mom as the most interesting, fun and absolute best humans to be around.  The delightful look on his face, his engaged body language and his calm, happy demeanor depicted just how much fun he was having while learning all kinds of new things today.  My heart swelled as I watched him show all the other horses and riders how, when there is such deep love and trust between two individuals, all things are possible.  

animal communication
Hey Teddy, Got Carrots?


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