“Cowboy-Challenge” Day

animal communicatiion
Having Fun With The Horse-Soccer Ball

Today at the ranch where Scooter lives, we participated in a modified “Extreme Cowboy” training experience in which all the horses were introduced to a wild assortment of obstacles, props, tarps, flags and water crossings.  Horses and riders worked together to help the horses become confident enough to have fun and enjoy the learning experience.

I was surprised by Scooter’s challenge with the “car wash” obstacle.  Normally so quiet and relaxed, he was afraid of that thing (!) and needed plenty of reassurance and patience to finally help him walk through it without rushing.

animal communicatiion
Scooter and The Car Wash

Experiences like these are fantastic for building trust and comradeship between horses and people…..they strengthen the equine/human connection and offer all who participate a higher level of consciousness and inter-species understanding.

animal communication
Water Crossing

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